Solution for Floods

Storm Dammer – Solution for Floods

Marsh Industries’ Storm Dammer is a flood and storm water defence system specifically designed to combat the ever increasing risk of flooding in the UK. Rapid growth in urbanisation coupled with climate change has created urgent need for flood defence systems that can accommodate for large rainfall events. Storm Dammer is a product tailored to a sites flood management needs and is vital in combatting large rainfall events in urban areas.

Storm Dammer provides an invaluable flood defence by storing large quantities of surface run-off water from equally large catchment areas and releasing this water at a slow and controlled speed.  This flood defence product aims to alleviate the country’s flooding issues making sure homes and livelihoods are secure against large rainfall events. These large diameter heavy duty GRP tanks are sized on the latest rainfall prediction software which produces a volume that can be generated from the required lifespan of the system and site location.

Storm Dammer features a choice of options when managing flow with the choice of orifice plates or vortex flow control devices, making sure that surface run-off water is released in a steady and controlled manner eliminating the probability of downstream flooding. This flood defence system can house up to three million litres of storage and incorporates an anti-roll design reducing health and safety hazards when handling. This product can be produced with multiple diameters ranging from 1.2m to 3m ensuring flexibility when planning a project.



StormDammer-Flood Storage BROCHURE.pdf

StormDammer-Flood Storage BROCHURE.pdf