Rainwater Harvesting System

Marsh Industries has recently supplied a number of it’s Marsh MR2 Home and Garden rainwater harvesting systems from its factory just outside Kettering, Northamptonshire to a Bromford Homes project in Priorsleep, St. Georges, Telford. Bromford came to Marsh via Gilmore Building supplies of Willenhall as part of their sustainable requirements for the site.

Shaun Kealy the regional Manager for Marsh met with Bromford on site to discuss the site requirements and calculate the best system that would meet Bromford’s and their tenants requirements. The Marsh 2800L MR2 was proposed by Marsh after consultation and accepted by Bromford as the best unit for the site requirements. The unit was deemed to be easily installable and easy to maintain. Bromford liked the single pump system with an easily accessible pump in case of failure. The Marsh system works on a pressure loss so when a toilet is flushed or tap turned on the pump senses the pressure loss and starts until the pressure has returned, when the cistern is full or the tap turned off.

Marsh the family owned and family run business from Northamptonshire is proud to help social developers such as Bromford with their sustainable needs and is excited to work with others and advise on a bespoke solution to the different requirements each sites poses.

The Marsh Home and Garden rainwater harvesting system utilises the rainwater that falls on the roof and is then fed into the rainwater tank via the gutters and downpipes. The water flows through a filter on the inlet to remove any large debris such as leaves that may have fallen on the roof. The system is also designed to overflow at least once a year so that the filter in the inlet self-cleans. The water enters the tank after the filter via a calmed inlet so as not to cause disturbance. As the rainwater tank is underground with no light there is very minimal risk of bacteria forming that could cause a health issue or odour issue. We have all seen the water butts in the garden that have gone green and smelly, that will not happen with the Marsh system.

The rainwater collected can be used for flushing toilets, washing clothes, and outdoors for watering the garden and washing the family car. Thus saving money and helping the environment by using untreated water for applications that do not require drinking water quality water. The amount of water on Earth is constant and is constantly cycling round and round. The amount is the same as when the Dinosaurs walked the Earth!

The Marsh rainwater harvesting systems come in a variety of sizes for all different applications whether domestic or commercial. Call Marsh today and let us design your rainwater harvesting system bespoke for you and your requirements.

Marsh Sales office: 01933 654582

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