Rain Cell MR1 for Gardens

Shallow Rain Water HarvestingMarsh Rain Cell MR1 is manufactured specifically for outside use only, utilising the rain for garden watering and car washing, etc. The MR1 range includes a GRP tank in a range of sizes from 1,100 litres to 12,000 litres capacity, an inline filter, floating intake, stainless steel pump and calmed inlet.

The Rain Cell harvesting systems uses rainwater from where it falls rather than diverting it into a surface water drainage network that can lead to flooding and potentially major disruption downstream. The Rain Cell harvesting system reduces our demand on the precious resource of potable water.

At Marsh Industries we only use 100% virgin resin (no chalk fillers) in all our products. For dimensions of our tanks please refer to the drawings page.

Advantages of using Marsh:

  • Easy installation with ‘keying-in’ lips and lifting eyes
  • Has a flat bottom so that it doesn’t roll during installation
  • Can be installed in pea-shingle
  • 50 year design life
  • 25 year structural guarantee
  • Shallow option available for areas in high water table or hard rock conditions (see our brochure or contact our sales department for more information)

For more information please refer to our brochure